Create Conversational Experiences with AI Bots

Our AI bots help publishers and retailers directly engage with customers via messaging and notifications

How it works

A simple solution to complex customer inquiries

Conversational Commerce

Create an awesome purchasing experience for your customers with conversational commerce bots

Customer Service

Scale your support efforts with bots that quickly comprehend user inquiries and accurately respond with your brand's voice


Learn from user behaviors and preferences to push relevant, personalized content to users 

Engage your consumers with AI bots

Connect with users where they spend most of their time.
Enable one-to-one messaging with your customers without an app install
Build brand equity by engaging infrequent users
Drive revenue through a personalized experience that delivers the right content at the right time
Convert users into customers through intelligent mobile engagement

Easy Integration

Engage with your customers on a variety of platforms - no app installation necessary

Facebook Messenger

Google Assistant


Amazon Alexa





You name it; we can integrate with it!

Use Cases

AI driven bot solutions for publishers and retailers


Publishers can now take back their social media audiences. Notify.io gives you the ability to intelligently communicate with your readers and learn from their behavior to push them content they are most interested in.


Retailers can now engage in conversational commerce. You can quickly respond to shopper inquiries and push personalized product offers to shoppers where they spend the majority of their time: on mobile.

Chat bots, conversation and AI as an interface
“Instead of going through all the pain of persuading someone to install your app, what if you could have an immediate, fluid and easy way to engage through a conversational interface?’ ”

Benedict Evans
Partner Andreessen Horowitz

“It’s hard to overhype the power of mobile push notifications. For the first time in human history you can tap almost two billion people on the shoulder and say ‘hey! pay attention to this!’ ”

Ariel Seidman
Founder of Gigwalk.com

“mobile notifications, done right, are a game changer . . . notifications become the primary way I use the phone and the apps”

Fred Wilson
Managing Partner of Union Square Ventures

“Notifications represent the future access and discovery point for mobile services — that notifications will be the starting point (or ‘front door’) for all of the interactions on your phone.”

Anish Acharya
Founder & CEO at Snowball

“The future of the web is ‘push-based’ . . . content, products and services will find you, rather than you having to find them.”

Dries Buytaert
Founder of Drupal


Let our AI bots do the engagement for you

Increase Repeat Visit Rates

Boost Traffic & Pageviews

Decrease Churn


Boost Repeat Purchase Rates

Increase Revenue from Mobile


Learn how to improve your notifications


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